Consulting Services

Areas of Consulting Expertise:

  • Accident Investigation
  • Lineman Testing
  • Apprenticeship Training
  • Skill Assessment
  • Training Program Development
  • Safety Program Development
  • OSHA 10 hour and 30 hour Courses (General Industry)
  • OSHA 10 hour Courses (T & D Specific)
  • Lineman Field Skill Training
  • Consulting Staff Qualifications:  

Ron Schenk, CUSP Read More ISPC President
Mack Turner, CUSP/CUSA Read More ISPC Executive Director
Tony Boyd, COSS, CUSP Read More ISPC Senior Consultant
Jim Vaughn, CUSP Read More ISPC Senior Consultant
Ted Granger, CUSP Read More Management Practices Specialist
Andrew Menu, CUSP, CRSP Read More Canadian Practices Specialist
Rick Tobey, CUSA, CUSP Read More Transmission Specialist
Scott Young, CUSP Read More Substations Specialist
David V. Johnson, CUSP Read More Certification Specialist
Kenneth R. Myers Read More Overhead and Substation Specialist
Morris J. Mach, CSP Read More Transmission and Distribution Specialist
Randy Price Read More Overhead and Underground Specialist
Dan Taylor, CUSP Read More Distribution and Transmission Specialist
Mike Burnett, CUSP Read More Generation Specialist

* ISPC Consultants are covered by a Professional Liability Insurance Policy underwritten by Regions Ins., Inc

Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA)

ISPC conducted a project for the Navajo Tribal Utility Authority in Chinle, AZ located in the Northeast portion of Arizona, near Canyon de Chelly. ISPC Sr. Consultant Tony Boyd, CUSP, spent 3 weeks conducting Evaluation Placement Testing (EPT) for nearly 50 NTUA lineworkers. The Evaluation process has placed these lineworkers into the T&D PowerSkills training Levels set by NTUA. From snow and ice to high wind conditions, the lineworkers completed the 7 station skills evaluations and the written knowledge test to ensure that each employee will receive the appropriate level of training to practice their trade both safely and competently.

City and County of Honolulu

ISPC conducted a project for the City and County of Honolulu employees assigned to the Street Light Division for the Island of Oahu in Hawaii. The Pole Climbing training took place in the organization’s Honolulu Training yard and lasted 1 week. The next week, training for Pole-top and Bucket Rescue was conducted for 26 of the employees.  The City and County of Honolulu recognizes that safety training for lineworkers is an on-going process.

Conducted by ISPC Senior Consultant, Tony Boyd, CUSP. 


ISPC worked with Chicago’s ComEd to customize Leadership training for all their Front Line Supervisors (FLS’s). This included subjects on supervisory development, personality differences, generational differences, coaching and counseling, attitudes and closing gaps within ComEd’s safety culture. ISPC facilitated many of these courses over more than 1 ½ years.

Ron Schenk, CUSP, Ted Granger, CUSP and Mack Turner, CUSP, each a member of ISPC’s consulting staff, conducted the sessions. 

2017 CARILEC Rodeo

ISPC and T&D PowerSkills were the Platinum and Gold sponsors for the 2017 CARILEC Rodeo and Symposium. CARILEC is the association of 33 Caribbean Electrical Utilities. The Rodeo and Symposium was held on the beautiful island of Grenada. ISPC taught Safety Leadership, Crew Best Practices, Pole Top Rescue, Bucket Truck Rescue Utility Grounding and Utility Ergonomics during the week-long Symposium. ISPC worked with CARILEC during the last year on updating the Rodeo Participants and Judge’s manuals. ISPC provided the Chief Judge and one of the Judge Captains for the rodeo as well. ISPC also videotaped the Symposium and Rodeo and provided copies to the utilities and participants. Click the following link  to view the video.  

The CARILEC Rodeo and Symposium was supported by Mack Turner, CUSP, ISPC Executive Director, Tony Boyd, CUSP, ISPC Senior Consultant and Jerry Havens, COSS, ISPC Marketing Director.

New York Power Authority (NYPA)

ISPC customized a variety of courses for NYPA, including Safety Supervisor Development, OSHA Electrical Power Standards, Supervisory Skills, Pre-job planning, and JHA’s.

Conducted by ISPC Executive Director, Mack Turner, CUSP

3-Phase Line Contractors

ISPC conducted a Live-Line Bare Hand (LLBH) training project for experienced transmission crews of 3-Phase Line Contractors.  The training took a full week and including live-line demonstration and practice.  The course included a review of both performance standards required by OSHA and consensus standards with industry best practices.  Part of the Project included training company trainers to teach the course to new personnel, as well.  Participants bonded onto an energized 115kV line as part of their field performance requirements in this course. 

Conducted by Rick Tobey, CUSP, an ISPC Affiliated Consultant.

Homer, Alaska, Electric Association

ISPC conducted a week of customized presentations designed to update personnel on OSHA’s latest rules regarding Transient Over-Voltage and Minimum Approach Distance (MAD), addressing how the new MAD rules a would impact work procedures and safety practices at the utility.  ISPC also delivered customized training on ferro-resonance in distribution systems, hot-stick procedures and work platform use which included related topics of maintenance, inspecting and testing hot-sticks and practical cover-up techniques. The proficiency training addressed skills in planning and lifting with sticks, installing and working from a work platform and S&C Load-Buster qualification. 

Conducted by ISPC Senior Consultant, Jim Vaughn, CUSP.