Resume : Morris J. Mach


West Virginia Univ.: M.S. Environmental, Safety & Health Management
Shepherd College: B.A. Business Administration/Marketing

Morris Mach is an experienced practitioner and supervisor of electric power transmission and distribution construction, operation and maintenance. He has twenty-eight years of experience with high voltage transmission systems, substations, overhead and underground distribution, having worked as a lineworker, supervisor, and general foreman. He holds certification in live-line bare hand maintenance. Mr. Mach is also an experienced safety and health management professional conducting hazard assessments, compliance reviews and training for electric utilities and electrical contractors throughout the U.S. He has designed, developed and marketed copyrighted video-based training programs and publications. Mr. Mach has also served as an expert witness in litigation involving electrical accidents and compliance with OSHA regulations. Before coming to Powerline Safety Training Consulting, he was employed by Pike Electric, R. W. Beck, Gulf States Electrical Contracting, Austin Electric Utility Department, the NUS Training Corporation, and the Texas A&M University Engineering Extension.

Mr. Mach has held the position of Regional Safety/ Training Director for one of the largest Power-line Contractors in the United States. As part of his duties, he assured the safety and skills instruction for over one-thousand five hundred Electrical Power Linemen who participate in the company apprenticeship and Safety Program. He has also implemented a Behavioral Safety Approach for the Company Safety Program to over one thousand employees, as well as, performing other management and safety instruction. He has designed and developed DVD-based delivery of the Company Apprenticeship Program.


City of Austin, Texas – After serving as a Groundman and Apprentice became lineman for this large Municipal in Austin, Texas.

Lineman, General Foreman, Superintendent
Served as a lineman, was promoted to General Foreman and Line Superintendent for Gulf States Inc. performing linework and supervision in the Houston, Texas. Work was performed primarily in Houston, Texas along with several projects in the Southwestern United States. The type of work included overhead and underground distribution as well as transmission construction and maintenance.

Project Management

Served as Technical Consultant and Project Manager for NUS Training Corporation responsible or the design and user implementation of a comprehensive video/text book training program for the Transmission and Distribution Industry.


Mr. Mach has served as an expert witness in approximately 12 cases representing both the plaintiffs and defendants of cases in the Transmission and Distribution Industry. Samples of the types of case include the following:

Expert Witness. Mr. Mach has supplied expert witness testimony in support of an investor owned utilities in response to an OSHA audit and citation as the result of an employee dispute. Activities included research and documentation review, depositions, and testimony. The expert witness activities extended over an eight month period and ended with a successful ruling for the investor-owned utility.

Expert Witness. Mr. Mach has provided expert witness services in support of an electrical contractors investor owned utilitities and their plantiffs as the result of an electrical contact incidents. Activities included case review and briefing, site inspection, and recommendations.



Expert Witness. Mr. Mach provided expert witness services in support of an individual that brought an arbitration case against an employer of training personnel in the transmission and distribution industry. Activities included case research and testimony. The case ended in the successful settlement agreement for the employee whom retained Mr. Mach.



Mr. Mach has delivered numerous technical, safety, and training instructional courses. He has developed course material and instructed in the areas of overhead and underground distribution, transmission, and substations for the electric utility industry. This technical training has included hands-on training for a wide range of lineworker tasks including live-line gloving and barehand transmission.

Mr. Mach has developed a “Train the Trainer” course, and has instructed over eight hundred electric utility trainers nationwide. Mr. Mach has performed work method safety assessments and compliance audits. These audits have helped clients perform transmission and distribution maintenance work more safely while achieving compliance with government and industry safety standards. Mr. Mach’s work has included written reports on work methods and safety, as well as plans to correct any identified unsafe work methods. He has co-authored a training manual for the OSHA 1910.269 Transmission and Distribution Standard.


Mr. Mach is a professional member of the American Society of Safety Engineers and National Utility Trainers and Safety Association. He has authored several articles for transmission and distribution industry trade journals; in addition to producing the following copyrighted training videotapes and workbooks:

  • Cable Splicing
  • Cable Terminations
  • Cable Splicing 2
  • Transmission Structures
  • Transmission Hotsticking
  • Temporary Structures
  • Pole Framing and Guying

Mr. Mach holds the designation of CSP (Certified Safety Professional) that is an accredited through the Board of Safety Professionals, and Board of Industrial Hygienists. This accreditation and is recognized designation in the field of Safety Practitioners