Resume : Randy Price

1102 4th Avenue, Port Byron, Illinois  61275

Current Position: Affiliated Consultant, ISPC

Responsible for client projects involving safety consulting relative to T&D Operations and Generation Operations, including training on a broad range of technical and supervisory related topics for lineworkers, crew leaders and other operations level personnel within the Electric Utility Industry.


MidAmerican Energy:  1979 to 2016 
Apprentice Lineman, Equipment Operator, Journeyman Lineman responsible for building and maintaining high-voltage electric transmission, distribution and substation systems within the service territory of MidAmerican Energy.

Safety / Training NJATC Master Trainer:  International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW):  2005 - 2016
Journeyman Lineman trainer responsible for compliance training using safety policies, procedures and best practices relative to lineworkers and other operations personnel.

Certifcaitions and Qualifications

NJATC Master Instructor – IBEW (2005)

Altec Sentry Insulated Arial Devices Certification

Altec Sentry Digger Derrick Certification