Evaluation Placement Testing


Evaluation Placement Testing (EPT) is a service provided by the Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction that assists a company in evaluating the knowledge and skills of their Lineworkers.  There are several reasons a company may want an independent, unbiased evaluation of an employee:

  • An experienced new-hire may require a knowledge and skills evaluation to best determine their starting job classification and pay grade.
  • Evaluations can provide important information to management on the need for remedial training with existing employee - Lineworkers.
  • Company training programs may allow employees to advance to higher levels within the Program based on credit given for prior training and/or current knowledge and skills.  The EPT can help determine where it is best for an employee to start in a company training program.
  • Evaluations may be conducted to determine eligibility for promotions to a position requiring a specific level of knowledge and skills in powerline construction and maintenance.
  • Evaluations can help establish a ‘base line’ of knowledge and skills for an employee to measure against future progress.

The Lineworker Evaluation Placement Test (EPT):

This proprietary test was developed by ISPC based on the ISPC Lineman Competencies research in which 191 essential competencies were identified for a typical Journeyman Lineman.  The test is comprised of two parts: a knowledge test; a skills proficiency test.  The knowledge test is made up of 100 questions that involve, true/false, multiple choice, matching and short answer questions.  The skills proficiency test is 7 typical working scenerios that requires the Lineworker to perform field-based jobs involving many of the skills required to complete the work in a safe manner, correctly and productively.  Full personal protective equipment that is appropriate for each scenerio is required and, generally, the candidate will be expected to climb a pole to work, work out of a bucket truck, use a truck-mounted digger to install a pole and demonstrate best practices in a number of typical work situations involving many tools of the trade.

The Crew Supervisor Placement Test:


Administering the EPT:

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that this Evaluation be performed by ISPC trained Consultants.  However, a company may use the ISPC tests to evaluate their own people, if they wish.

  • When ISPC Performs the Evaluation:
    Knowledge Test:  may be taken on-line (proctoring by supervisor required), prior to the Consultant arriving or administered by the Consultant upon arrival.
    Skills Proficiency Test:  conducted on-site by an experienced and trained ISPC Consultant.  On-site support facilities, equipment and tools required.

    Price:  $25.00 per online test, professional fees (call for quote), plus travel expenses, billed at cost.   (typically, 3 evaluations per day can be conducted)

  • When the Client Performs the Evaluation:
    Knowledge Test: may be taken on-line or administerd by company supervisory personnel (proctored in either case).
    Skills Proficiency Test:  conducted on-site by qualified company personnel.

    Price: $25.00 per online test.

Site License:

For Companies considering doing the testing themselves, a Site License is available that allows reproduction of the Test Forms within the Client’s operations only.
Price:  $1,250.00