Crew Supervisor Evaluation Services


Crew Supervisor Evaluation is a service provided by the Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction that assists a company in evaluating the knowledge and skills of their Crew Supervisors and those employees that are expected to become Crew Supervisors.  There are several reasons a company may want an independent, unbiased evaluation of an employee:

  • An experienced new-hire may require a knowledge and skills evaluation to best determine their suitability for a Crew Supervisor’s position.
  • Evaluations can provide important information to management on the need for remedial training with existing employees targeted for supervisory development.
  • Evaluations may be conducted to determine eligibility for promotions to a position requiring a specific level of knowledge and skills for responsibilities in a supervisory role involving powerline construction and maintenance.
  • Evaluations can help establish a ‘base line’ of knowledge and skills for an employee to measure against future progress in career development.

The Crew Supervisor Evaluation:

The Crew Supervisor Evaluation process begins with a comprehensive knowledge test based upon the candidate understanding of six component topics:

  • Regulatory knowledge
  • Tools and equipment knowledge
  • Energized work safety knowledge
  • Electric system knowledge
  • General safe work practices knowledge
  • Effective supervisory pratices knowledge

The knowledge test is made up of 50 questions that involve, true/false, multiple choice, matching and short answer questions.  Based upon the employee’s performance on this part of the evaluation, weaknesses in each of the above listed areas are noted and remedial training can be specifically recommended.

If the employee, as a Crew Supervisor, is expected to work as a Journeyman Lineman on the crew, in addition to his duties as a Supervisor, then a second evaluation is recommended as well: The Skills Proficiency Test.

The skills proficiency test is comprised of two parts: a lineworker knowledge test and a lineworker skills evaluation.  The knowledge test is comprised of 100 questions that span the following areas of competencies for a Journeyman Lineman:

  • Electrical Theory
  • High Voltage Electrical Systems Components
  • Safety Knowledge and Best Work Practices
  • Rigging Competencies
  • Tools and Equipment Knowledge and Use
  • System Protection and Metering
  • Overhead Distribution Systems
  • Underground Distribution Systems
  • Transmission Systems
  • Substations and Switchyards

The second part of the Journeyman Lineman focuses on Skills Proficiencies.  The Skills Test is a subjective evaluation, facilitated by an ISPC Consultant or performed internally, by the Client, using their own Certified Journeyman Lineman, experiened in a wide variety of work including overhead distribution system (de-energized and energized) and underground residential distribution systems.  The Skills Test is comprised of 7 increasingly complex scenerios that will require the Lineworker being evaluated to use most of the knowledge and skills required of an experienced Journeyman Lineman.  The Evaluator will observe, make notes and ultimately use insights gained from this part of the Test to combine with the Knowledge Testing results, in compiling recommendations for each Lineworker so tested.

Administering the Evaluations:

It is recommended, but not mandatory; that these Evaluations be performed by ISPC trained Consultants.  However, a company may use the ISPC testing instruments to evaluate their own people, if they wish.

When ISPC Performs the Evaluation:

  • Knowledge Tests:  may be taken on-line (proctoring by supervisor required), prior to the Consultant arriving or administered by the Consultant upon arrival.
  • Skills Proficiency Test:  conducted on-site by an experienced and trained ISPC Consultant.  On-site support facilities, equipment and tools required.

Price:  Professional Fees (call for pricing), plus travel expenses billed at cost.   (Typically, 2 - 3 evaluations per day can be conducted, per Consultant)  Testing documents, additional:

$25.00 per Knowledge Test document, or
$25.00 per on-line Knowledge Test
$25.00 per Skills Test document


When the Client Performs the Evaluation:

  • Knowledge Tests: hard copy forms administered and proctored by company supervisory personnel (includes both Supervisory and Lineman knowledge tests).
  • Skills Proficiency Test:  conducted on-site by qualified company personnel.

 Price:  Site License:  $1,500.00 

A Site License allows reproduction of the test forms within the client’s operations only.
Online test taking is available for an additional charge of $25.00 per Knowledge Test (includes management report)


The Recommendations (not included if Tests are done by Client personnel)

  • Using the results from the Knowledge Tests and the observations from the Skills Test, the Evaluator will provide the Client with the following:
  1.  A written evaluation of each Lineworker tested
  2. Recommendations for remedial education and training to perform as a Crew Supervisor.
  3. Recommendations on continuing education and training to perform as a fully qualified Journeyman Lineman.
  4. Copies of all Tests and Evaluations as graded by ISPC, for each employee.