Certification Auditing Services

Qualifications and Disclaimer:

The Institute for Safety in Powerline Construction (ISPC) is a 501 (c)(3), non-profit electric utility industry association focusing on safety and training for powerline workers.  ISPC is based in Alexandria, Louisiana.

ISPC has participated in developing a lineworker apprenticeship training program known as T&D PowerSkills.  T&D PowerSkills, LLC has contracted with ISPC to ensure the training material that is the foundation of the program, is and remains compliant with industry regulations and also remains current with industry best practices.  As a result, ISPC officially endorses the T&D PowerSkills Lineworker Training Program.

ISPC consultants assist clients with implementing the Program and with delivering the training to lineworker employees, when requested.  ISPC consultants assist clients with auditing their in-house, T&D PowerSkills-based Program, as well, to ensure compliance with ISPC’s standards of performance.

Scope of Certification Auditing Services:

ISPC’s Certification Auditing Services include the following components:

  • Review of in-house program structure, components, processes and trainer qualifications.
    ➢Goal:  Standards defined.  Program endorsed.
  • Monitoring of student progress and compliance with program requirements.
    ➢Goal:  Consistency of application
  • Adjudication of Level Certification.
    ➢Goal:  Objective evaluation of candidates’ qualifications to complete a level within the program or to graduate the complete program.  Award of level or program certification.
  • Auditing for Program Compliance.
    ➢Goal:  Consistency in program execution.  Compliance with performance standards.

Methodology, Processes and Pricing:

An ISPC consultant project manager will coordinate directly with a client official who has responsibility and authority for the Company lineworker training program.  The ISPC project manager will use most or all of the following to support his efforts in achieving the four goals mentioned above:

  • Initial site visit to review program structure, documentation, policies, procedures and physical facilities.  Deficiencies noted and recommendations to management made within a site visit report.
    Pricing: A two-day site visit initally will be billed at $3,300.00 in professional fees plus associated travel expenses.
  • Routine monthly monitoring of student progress through the program requirements.   Administrative use of the T&D PowerSkills Learning Management System (LMS) is preferred.  Hard copy documentation accepted, however.  Follow-up discussion with the client official based on individual student performance typically required.

    Pricing: LMS-based monitoring billed at $35.00 per student, per month.  Hard copy document-based monitoring billed at $70.00 per student per month.

  • Application for program level completion and certification.  Checklist provided to client official to ensure compliance with each level’s requirements.  ISPC project manager reviews application for potential deficiences and recommends appropriate action – either remediation or approval for certification.

    Pricing: Application for level certification billed at $150.00 per application.

  • Follow-up site visits, as needed, to review for compliance with agreed upon standards and student performance requirements.

    Pricing:  A two-day, follow-up site visit review for compliance billed at $3,300.00 per visit plus associated travel expenses.


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